SEO Copy Writing

SEO Copy Writing

HealthComm makes your online copy appealing to both people and search engines. We start with search engine keyword research to find out what your potential clients are searching and create a targeted list of search phrases. We use this to craft your web copy while never compromising on readability and the needs of your target clients. After all, the job of search engines is to give people the information they seek as quickly as possible, so our SEO web copy is designed to do just that.

Keyword ranking AND readability

At HealthComm, we write keyword-rich copy without compromising readability. After all, search engines won’t become paying clients. Our SEO copy writing is designed to make your business appealing, useful, and relevant to your target clients.

How could SEO copy writing work for you?

If your website isn’t getting the visitors you’d like, if significant web visitor numbers aren’t translating into new customers, or if ranking well on search engines such as Google is important to your business, then SEO copy writing could be just what you need.