The power of online

HealthComm is a full-service communications agency in Sydney whose two directors have more than 40 years’ combined experience in graphic design and web design, public relations and marketing, social media marketing, copy writing and journalism.

Web design

Web design continues to evolve at great pace. HealthComm creates stylish, intelligent websites which take the best and latest web developments while avoiding faddish design and unnecessary, expensive functionality. We build sites that work for you – marketing-driven, data-collecting, and highly-automated – where your email marketing and social media are seamlessly integrated. Our websites are designed to appeal to your customers and to search engines, a winning combination.

Email marketing

Email newsletters, known as E-news or E-newsletters, continue to be a cornerstone of online marketing. Email marketing is highly valuable and effective because it allows your business to send marketing messages to a database who have opted-in and anticipate your emails. It helps educate people on what your business offers, cultivates your reputation as an expert and industry leader, cultivates leads, drives website visits, and encourages your clients to promote your business by digitally ‘passing it on’.

HealthComm creates newsletters that people value. Our E-news are topical, informative and strategic. Our email marketing tool integrates seamlessly with your social media marketing so with a single click, you can disseminate your E-news to your Facebook or Twitter channels and make it very easy for your email recipients to do digital word-of-mouth. We can look after all aspects of your email marketing or set you up to do it yourself.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing helps build networks of evangelists that promote your business. Social media channels like Facebook and Twitter not only help you disseminate your content to people who will then disseminate to their own networks, but are forums for your business to engage with customers and prospects, to educate them on what you do, to address their concerns and answer their queries.

HealthComm offers social media channel set-up and branding, social media strategy and training, as well as complete management of your social media marketing. We also provide social media monitoring so that you can monitor what people are saying about your business, respond quickly, and find relevant social media individuals and networks to follow.


Blogs continue to be hugely influential as a means of authority-building, opinion-forming and link-building. High quality blog posts attract readers and links – automatically helping your website rank higher in search engines. HealthComm can develop high-quality, entertaining content that social media users love, value, share and link to. A good blog is a great vehicle to become an authority figure within your industry.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is about ranking well in Google, Yahoo!, Bing and other search engine searches and then making the most of your web traffic. and are the unrivalled kings of search in Australia and appearing on the first page of Google search results for your desired key words and key phrases (such as “private hospital Sydney”) is hugely important.

HealthComm search engine optimisation looks at the complete picture – from your competitors, to your potential customers, your website, and everything in between. SEO strategy works in conjunction with all your online marketing to ensure all efforts are working towards a single goal – new prospects locating you online and becoming new customers.

Online advertising

A quick and easy way to increase inquiries is online advertising. As well as being far more effective and cheaper than print advertising, online advertising is also completely measurable with every click recorded, so you can instantly know how your campaign is doing, and tweak and adjust as you go. HealthComm works from your overall strategy to advise, execute and monitor your online advertising campaign. We are adept at maximising your advertising spend on Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search, Facebook and other networks.

Lead generation

Lead generation helps your business target potential customers and compels them to make contact. Tools of lead generation include online advertising, incentives in exchange for data (like email addresses), landing page for targeted activity, blog posts and comments, and website optimisation. HealthComm recognises that, for a business to thrive, new leads must constantly be found. Let us help you find new prospects online.