Targeted business communications

HealthComm is a full-service communications agency in Sydney whose two directors have more than 40 years’ combined experience in graphic design and web design, public relations and marketing, social media marketing, copywriting and journalism

Copy writing

You need copy writing that talks directly to your potential customers – their needs, desires, frustrations and ambitions. You need copy writing that isn’t afraid to speak clearly, to compel gently, to educate, motivate and inspire your customers to use you, and to keep returning.

HealthComm builds on our public relations background to understand your business’s most sellable aspects and unique positioning in order to craft your business story. From brochure and flyer copy, to web copy and blogs, articles and e-books, sales letters, scripts for online videos, advertising copy writing, billboards, bus shelters, traditional public relations and social media marketing (where every character counts!), when letters are involved, HealthComm can craft them! HealthComm business copy writing is strategic, smart, clear and compelling.

Web copy

The needs of the web visitor are different. Readers on the web tend to scan rather and are notoriously fickle. Your web copy needs to be scannable and succinct, while compelling the web visitor to go beyond the web surfing and interact with your business.


Articles help establish your expertise and build your business reputation. They introduce potential customers and engender familiarity and respect. HealthComm spends time getting to know your business in order to craft strategic, well-researched and targeted articles that inform, educate and impress, helping to cement your reputation as an industry authority.


Have something to say? E-Books are the perfect vehicle to create business credibility and broaden your reach. HealthComm ghostwrites E-Books for sale, promotional purposes or as an incentive for customers and potential customers. HealthComm brings our online marketing know-how to help craft, promote and disseminate your E-Books. We take your message to market.


Blogs thrive on frequent updating. A good business blog publishes regular, well-researched, smart and strategic comment, provokes comment and responds quickly while utilising the best automated tools to disseminate widely around the web. HealthComm can start – or continue – your business blog writing working strategically to ensure it works for you.

Public relations

The media is a powerful but fickle friend. At its best, public relations result in considerable publicity to a wide or targeted audience. HealthComm spends time learning about your business in order to find – and craft – your most fascinating stories. With a background in journalism and public relations, we know how to produce topical, targeted news that journalists use. At HealthComm, we never beg, plead or annoy anyone into giving media coverage. We help editors and journalists do their jobs more easily by being topical, sincere, fast and reliable.