About Us

About Us

About Brook McCarthy

Brook is a skilled writer and marketer with a passion for the online arena. She spent several years working in the public relations sector looking after wine brands, whitegoods’ manufacturers, building, and construction clients. She became acquainted with the immediacy and reach of online communications while managing a major website for a multi-national client. A short stint in magazine publishing confirmed that her true interest lay online.

Brook specialises in creating strategic online content for clients to help educate their customers and prospects over time, generate leads and inquiries and strengthen website search engine rankings. With experience in writing email newsletters, web articles and growing and managing clients’ social media marketing, she’s helped numerous clients hone their communications to reach their target market through a savvy combination of regular web content, email and social media marketing, combined with search engine optimisation.

About Peter Mackie

Peter is a designer and art director with a passion for identity and branding. He was a founding director of the web development company Elogic and Art Director of Administry Communications design and advertising agency for ten years, where he headed the studio and provided creative direction and management. Administry’s clients were a diverse mix of corporate, industrial, health, and government organisations.

Peter many years’ experience in creative direction, advertising, design, and project management equips him to handle all of HealthComm’s creative projects that entail budget, time management and evaluation. He has significant experience in the health and medical sector, managing projects that include Annual Reports, brochures, advertising, signage, websites and email marketing campaigns.

How we work

Peter directs and manages all visual communications, from web design and social media channel branding, to signage, print advertising, brochures and other marketing materials, while Brook is in charge of all things English. We sit down with all clients to understand their business operations, their unique offering, style and perspective, and develop a strategy to ensure their business goals become reality.

Peter is a fan of fine paper, colour perception, and comprehensive branding, while Brook embraces all things digital – from YouTube to Twitter, email to great landing pages packed with compelling copy. With different backgrounds and from different generations of old and new media, they often confer over the best medium for their client’s target market and message. They both recognise that the medium is far less important than the message and seek to ensure their clients’ message reaches the right ears.